project by hannah wood, danish academy of fine art

from research conducted in japan during 2015

"it is with the deepest gratitude that i come bearing an offer."

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the agency is programmed through a collaborative business modelling process between the royal danish academy of fine art and copenhagen business school.



the postcrisis reconstruction agency is an architectural response to the critical mismanagement of aid money which poured into japan after the 2011 tsunami. the agency positions itself in the immediate aftermath of urban trauma, prior to the remobilisation of political structures, to recode the market-driven urbanism which proliferates in this state of exception.

the agency acts between the roles of credit union and developer to offer communities affected by catastrophe a greater stake in the rebuilding process. services are provided in exchange for a vault, which contains the formwork and expertise to aid long-term regeneration. by diverting commodities into services, the agency facilitates a post-disaster urbanism that rethinks the city on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis.

The postcrisis reconstruction agency was designed by employing a co-evolutionary method. its formation was influenced by written and visual architectural techniques working in parallel. it is an experiment in design method in that the text aims to unfold what the drawings cannot and vice versa. 


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