"it is with the deepest gratitude that I come bearing an offer."


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postcrisis reconstruction agency.
collective online bureau.

June 10 2016.

<For dissemination within the immediate neighbourhood; hereby the block enclosed by route 45, uemachi preschool and soba noodle Shop, higashimatsushima. 38°25’14.4″N+141°12’41.8″E >

it is with the deepest gratitude I come bearing an offer. you have been selected as a neighbourhood who has been and continues to be architecturally affected by the great east japan tsunami of 2011.

i am a representative of the postcrisis reconstruction agency. let me first offer my apologies that i have taken so long to arrive. the Agency is an international, digital organisation which exists outside governmental and market conditions. the Agency instead trades in architectural potential.

the agency would like to offer <your neighbourhood> a greater stake in the reconstruction process.

this includes:

– financial aid for rebuilding projects; including start-up loans and project funding (subject to stakeholder approval).

– self-build construction system, including additional seismic protection.

– the opportunity for all neighbourhood residents and/or employees to become shareholders of the Agency.

– local project, design, legal and financial assistance.

in exchange, your neighbourhood must accept a vault. Your vault will be designed by the <architecture department> of the agency. in addition to a community forum, your vault will contain functions deemed useful for your specific circumstance in order to create a closed funding loop. To see a catalogue of vaults, 

your neighbourhood must accept or reject the agency’s offer by a majority public consensus, by july 1 2016.

we look forward to hearing from you.


the contract